Make or Break it, customer service

This has been a very hard year for business, especially the small businesses. What will make the difference is your customer service. I went into a store yesterday and was greeted by a very gruff person who made it very obvious that she was not happy assisting me, or answering my questions.

What was my reaction, the first thought was that I wasn’t going to shop there again. Fortunately another employee had heard the interaction and come over to me and apologized. I will say that he saved the day. So pay attention, talk to your employees about expected perfect customer service.

What does “perfect customer service” mean ~ simple:

1. Greet customers by looking up, making eye contact, and saying hello.
2. Respond quickly, and positively, to questions.
3. Thank the customers for stopping by, whether they make a purchase or not.

Simple, basic, person to person interaction. Treat your customers as you would a friend or family member and they will more often than not return to your business.


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