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Happy Holidays/Happy customers

Posted in Business, Musings on November 18, 2010 by wolfwomyn

Another year has flown by so fast that I don’t know that I’ve seen it all happen.  With the economy the way it is businesses, mine included, are challenged to meet all of expenses.  But things have started looking better, slowly.  One thing to remember, attitude is everything.

Although we are all stretched, it is important to remember to have a positive attitude when dealing with our clients.  They are, after all, what we are here for.   I read an article the other day about smiling when you are talking on the phone.  Even though the person can’t see you, when you smile it does change the energetics of your speech.  It is hard to be a grumpy talker when smiling.

I’ve been trying it out and it really works.   To the point that I am actually having a much better time, especially on those calls when you are dealing with someone that is stressed, and at times we even have fun.   So give it a try.  Smile when talking to your clients/customers.  A little bit goes a long way.