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Mom & Pop vs Corporate/Business

Posted in Business on August 20, 2010 by wolfwomyn

I had a conversation with a friend the other day.  I was talking about how I cared about my clients, that I didn’t get into this for just the dollar sign, but rather the interaction between people in a creative pursuit.  I was told straight out that “I cared too much and would never get anywhere in life until I changed my ways.  No wonder you haven’t gotten very far.”   Bullpuckey.

Obviously, I come from a distant past.  Although not too distant.  My parents each had businesses.  Although they dealt with some major corporations (HP and IBM to name a few) they never forgot that they were dealing with people.  Each year they sent out Christmas cards to everyone: family, friends, and business alike – and each had a special little note.  They bought turkeys for all of their employees for Thanksgiving.  I saw the difference in how they related to everyone and the response back.

People like to be cared about.   From the lowest on the totem pole to the top ranking official, we are all the same.   Care, compassion, and interest make a huge difference.

I have a few clients, and I care about them.  I look at the work/creation that we have manifested,  I’m always thinking about how I can better serve them as people and as businesses.  We are, after all, in a service industry.  And Service means caring.   How is it that the compassion/caring has dropped out of today’s “business world.”  What happened to the concern?   What happened to the care?

In the past economies/communities/people survived in barter/trade.  You provide for me (literally) and I”ll provide for you.  One grew vegetables, others raised cattle (or the like), others wove materials for wear and uses, etc.  So that we all had what we needed, we traded, we cared.  An energetic exchange between people.

Because of the explosion of population actual physical exchange with each other was impossible, so the need for some other form of exchange was needed.  Currency was established.  But this wasn’t meant to stop the caring, just an easier way to do the energetic exchange. Where did this get lost?  Why the barrier to seeing each other as human rather than just a means to an end?

So I’ll go on caring about my clients/friends.  I’ll keep thinking about them, and coming up with ways to help out.  Always keeping in contact, and letting them know that I think about them and care.  And I’ll keep smiling!  Because I know that a little bit of care has been spread, and that feels good to everyone.

How about you?