Cold Calls

The past couple of weeks I’ve been making cold calls from a list of businesses in my area.  I’ve been finding it challenging.

It’s interesting when you start actually working your own business.  There is a very big difference between working for yourself and working for someone else.  When you are working for others there is a sense that they are responsible, you are simply a representative of their company.  Rather, when you are working for yourself you are putting yourself out, there isn’t anyone else behind you.

It can be very empowering, and yet intimidating at the same time.  Belief in self is an important part of working your own business.  If you are serious about having your own business, the self-doubt needs to be put aside.  Reality is we wouldn’t be out here doing this if somewhere inside we knew that we could.  So . . . . stand up, be tall, speak confidently, and believe that you can.  Because you Can!!

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