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Website finally launched

Posted in Business, Musings on April 8, 2008 by wolfwomyn

After quite a bit of work, and a lot of patience for my learning curve, I’ve gotten the
Daughters of the Goddess website launched.

GoLive is a wonderful program and makes the creation and management of the website so much easier.  Ridding myself of the old website with its frame style with drop down menus is such a joy.  The new version is much easier to travel thru, user friendly and a great addition to my portfolio.

I’ve been gifted a new computer from a friend so I’m in the process of configuring it to be my dedicated web-working computer with the current one to handle the remainder of stuff on my office network.  With Skip Sommer of Shadowbend Studios as my web-guru/teacher, and my friend Mark as my extra techie support the world is wonderful.